If you haven’t done so yet, please read Part 6. What I do.

Prior to the first consultation I’d like you to fill out an extensive health questionnaire. During the consultation we will go through your entire health history and symptoms in detail. Most likely, I will be able to advice you on the next steps to take already after the first meeting. Sometimes further testing might be recommended to properly identify your specific underlying causes.

It is not my intention to create repeat customers. It’s my goal to meet you one or a few times, and then I hope you are well enough and that you never have to hire me again.


Initial consultation (2 h): € 160
Follow-up consultation (1 h): € 95

Prices include 1-2 days of preparation, research, and writing of a clearly written, individual document with customised information and a suggested action plan.

Package deal
Initial consultation + two follow-up consultations: € 290

Contact me below if you wish to make an appointment or ask a question.