Part 6. What I do

If you’ve read my personal story, you know I tried a large number of pharmaceutical drugs, supplements and treatments before I finally got well, because I had no idea what was causing my disease. It was a costly and lengthy process of ten years. With that experience behind me I might be able to help you get better – significantly faster and at a lower cost – by finding out what particular causes lie behind your symptoms and what to do about them.

I see you over video chat (e.g Skype), or on the phone. The first meeting takes up to 2 hours and that time is spent trying to pinpoint what may have caused your condition, or what tests may be needed to do so. I perform extensive work after each consultation to complete the individual action plan and make sure you have all information clearly written down. Most likely we can start working towards a change already after the first meeting.

Do you think inflammation could be involved in your symptoms/diagnosis? Google their names + ”inflammation” and see what comes up. Or, you could hire me to research it for you.

Unsure if I’d be able to help you? Send me a message outlining your symptoms or diagnoses and I’ll get back to you.

Read stories from happy clients here.

Who am I and what do I have to offer you?

I’m a molecular biologist with a PhD from Karolinska Institutet, with a great deal of experience of both hands-on research and literature review. During my doctoral work I studied metabolism and inflammation in human fat cells and their importance for diabetes and obesity. Science is also my passion. I’ve spent the last few of years studying everything I could find about inflammatory diseases; I’ve reviewed various theories on why inflammation and autoimmunity arises and found out what they have in common. I’ve also read and taken to heart a huge number of personal success stories from all over the world.

All in all, I’ve gained an understanding of what different methods can be used to halt the progression of inflammatory disease, address the underlying causes, cool down the immune system and in some cases make the client entirely symptom-free.

These methods, including diet and lifestyle, can (sometimes should) be used in combination for the best results. Note that there is a unique combination of fundamental causes underlying each person’s illness and therefore everyone will receive customized information. Sometimes traditional pharmaceuticals in combination with other approaches might be the most effective solution.

I’m not an M.D. or nurse nor do I possess any other health care provider title. I am an advisor for persons with inflammatory disease. Thus, I do not prescribe treatments – I merely inform clients on lifestyle changes treatment options that can help in their particular case, and coach them on their journey.

How much improvement can you expect?

Halting disease progression and partial remission can be expected for most people and I believe complete remission can be achieved for quite a few, but in some cases it may require a lot of work. Some conditions might be trickier than others to combat, but if you have been healthy once, chances are something has caused your disease and that means there’s hope. Success rates are also dependent on motivation.

Your chances might also depend on how long you’ve lived with your symptoms, how far things have gone, and how much damage has already been done. It matters which tissues have ben attacked because different tissues vary in how rapidly they regenerate. Some autoimmune diseases involve destruction of tissues that do not regenerate once lost, and these include type 1 diabetes. For example, re-growth of the insulin-producing beta cells that have been completely lost to autoimmunity, as is the case with type 1 diabetes, would be too much to hope for. However, re-gain of beta cell activity and insulin production has been documented in cases where the tissue had not yet been completely destroyed. But note that the severity and duration of your symptoms might not be an issue; there are examples of people who re-gained their health after decades.

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